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New healthcare laws are coming. TrumpCare is seen as the replacement of Obamacare – and along with replacing it, it will also expand access to affordable, quality healthcare. Another name for TrumpCare is AHCA, which stands for the American Health Care Act of 2017.

Not sure what TrumpCare or the AHCA is? Here's a summary from the Statement of Administration Policy* on H.R. 1628, which is the bill that introduced the American Health Care Act of 2017 (AHCA).

"The AHCA offers patient-centered healthcare solutions that will promote innovation, reduce health insurance premiums, and empower doctors and patients to make healthcare choices. The AHCA makes significant and important changes as part of a three steps process to repeal and replace the ACA."

"The AHCA would provide tax credits for Americans to promote affordability; improve Medicaid's sustainability and target resources to those most in need; and return healthcare choices to patients by expanding the use of health savings accounts. The AHCA also would provide for a stable transition from the onerous requirements of the ACA, while providing peace of mind to Americans with pre-existing conditions."


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